Monday, 24 September 2012

writing reflection #3

So Friday westarted our first actual writing assignment: Six Word Memoirs. I found it alittle rough at first, compressing such vast thoughts into such few words.There’s no way to make it not sound blunt. Once I got going though, thoughtsand phrases kept coming to me, the whole process becoming much easier. I choseto stay in the classroom to write, simply because I like the idea of having a proper surface to write on - a desk. As long as I’m listening to music on my iPhone, Ifind it pretty easy to concentrate. Whatever else that’s going on aroundbecomes irrelevant anyway. My thoughts and my music drown out all possibledistractions. I’d say that part went fairly well. Overall, when we wereintroduced to the Six Word Memoirs I thought it was a super cool style ofwriting. Not gonna lie, I was excited. The idea that you can fit an entirelife, an entire story, into six words is a pretty neat concept! I’d definitelyconsider that a pro of the writing style - how it’s so compressed and simple, yetso compelling and thought-provoking. With that, there’s always going to be a greyarea. The part left out, the words unsaid. Where the audience has to readbetween the lines in order to draw conclusions and fill in the blanks.Depending on the situation, it could be a pro or con. Personally, I think it’sall part of the fun. By creating my own Six Word Memoirs, I learned that as awriter I often prolong things I want to say, rather than get to the point.As a thinker, I realized I’m not too big on past self reflection. Present,sure. Only I have a hard time remembering details from the past, and I alwaysfind it difficult transferring my thoughts onto paper or into words. To me, thehardest part is really just finding the right words. Especially as a perfectionist.On the other hand, the hardest aspects always tend to be the most rewarding.
As forblogging, I’ve really been enjoying it. I think it’s a neat idea and concept,to have a sort of network between our peers. Whenever I’ve written in the past,it’s almost always been for the sole purpose of letting things out. Ideas oranything I feel strongly about, really, I’d write. It’s just been an outlet.Something personal. Only now that all my thoughts I decide to post are beingopen to the public, it’s neat too. People can so often be connected throughthings they’d never say. So, this week, I’m setting a blogging goal for myself.I’m going to add one or more Personal Additions every day (this week.) Startingtoday. I’ll achieve this simply by posting about whatever happens to be on mymind that day, or inspires me, or intrigues me.

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