Friday, 28 September 2012

six word memoir #6

                This memoir is a little ironic. This past summer I spent a month in Quebec, away from boyfriend. LaRonde in Montreal is part of Six Flags, and every Saturday night they have this huge firework display, themed as a different country. I remember the night I went with a few friends, the France fireworks were totally incredible, but I still just felt so lonely. All I wanted was for him to be right there with me, right then.
                However, when I chose this photo to combine with my memoir, it was because my boyfriend really was the one to show me what sparks are. What true love is. He’s the boy who makes it all seem magical. I found that it fit perfectly. Especially considering the background of the photo.


  1. I love this! The story is so sweet. Did you talk to your boyfriend a lot while you were away? Does he speak french?

  2. I really like that you talked about the juxtaposition of the words and the picture.