Friday, 28 September 2012

six word memoir #3

                My boyfriend and I went to Baked Expectations awhile ago. I ordered a latte and decided I’d have fun playing with the foam. In the end, it kind of looked like a heart (which is secretly what I was going for).
                I chose to put these six words on this particular photo for a few reasons: He, who made me a believer, is my boyfriend. Believe in what? Believe in love – but also living. There’s no fun in taking everything seriously. A concept I never seemed to realize before, is its okay to be silly.
I happened to be with him when the photo was taken, plus the picture is of a heart which represents love; then how I was playing with my drink to make the heart, to me, represents our silliness together, the part about living.
                Also, I’ve never been one for religion, but I’m beginning to think that might be changing as well. It can be nice sometimes, just having something to believe in.

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