Monday, 24 September 2012

inspiration (4)

Last week, being the Terry Fox Walk and all, I'd been hearing a lot about him and his story. We all know who Terry Fox is. The young Canadian who ran one-legged across Canada in hopes of raising money for cancer research. Right?

Well, I learned a lot more about this great Canadian that I never really knew before. How he was so honest, determined, dedicated, tough, and aspired. Plus so much more.

In my English class, we got into a discussion on how someone like Terry Fox becomes so great. Why him? Why not you? Why not me? Why not now? Can anyone go above and beyond? Some people believed that in order to make a change or an impact so huge, you had to have previously experienced something tragic. Something life changing, which basically inspired you to change. Then we thought, maybe nothing traumatic needs to occur in your life. Your eyes just need to be opened. Open to possibilities, open to differences.
The whole discussion really just got me thinking. About who can go above and beyond? How is that determined?

I believe, that all you need is a little inspiration. Inspiration that leads to passion, along with enough perseverance.

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