Friday, 28 September 2012

six word memoir #4

              Ideally, for this memoir I pictured something more like footprints in the sand. Unfortunately though, it’s a little cold for the beach and I didn’t get the chance to take that photo, which is why I drew footprint instead!
To me, they represent something left behind. Some sort of trail. Even though we may not always see those footprints of where we’ve been, tracked on the places we’ve left behind, we were still there. Regardless.  That’s why I made the footprint a little blurry and faded.
That’s kind of the funny part, you know? Footprints are left behind for a reason, often washed away – quite similar to peoples’ character when we grow. Who you are, is not where you’ve been. However, that’s not really the way it works. There will always be bearings for things we’ve done.

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