Thursday, 25 October 2012

writing reflection #5

Question #1:

                Lately, with all this talk about graduation and what comes after, I’m slowly realizinghow competitive the “real world” can be. A month ago, I had absolutely no ideawhere I might find myself once high school is over. I was stressed andoverwhelmed with all this sudden added pressure. Only it wasn't due to a lackof ambition. Or that I had no idea where I’d like to go, but simply because I found myselfhaving too many. Too many ideas, too many possible interests and a missingpassion to actually pursue any that I haven’t yet found. 
                Now that things aresetting in a little more, it’s all less overwhelming and I've began to find myway. What I’d really love to do – somewhere along the line – is work with anInternational Aid Organization. When I began thinking this was a possible careerchoice, it was surprising even to me. I have never been particularly interestedin history or social studies courses at school. Instead, I missed out onlearning World Issues, World Religions and other similar topics because ofcourse options I never even considered taking. Only, this is the first career path I’dreally honestly considered and looked into. 
                Since as long as I canremember, I’ve been wanting to participate on a Mission Trip to another countryin need. I’ve recently found that diversity of other cultures and religions interestme more each and every day. Plus, a career in that field would allow me travel(hopefully!). Mostly though, it would be fulfilling. I’m not sure if I couldspend every day going to work, then coming home without a sense of fulfillment. 
                So, with that said, I’d like to attend the University of Winnipeg’s GlobalCollege, to study Human Rights & Freedom. Whether or not I attain thesegoals, no one knows. But, at least I have goals set in place. We all need tostart somewhere, which is why I plan on doing more – more for the community;locally and globally, working towards the person I want to be and the change Iwant to see.

Question #2:

 Comment #1:
The first comment I posted was in Jacqueline's blog. I posted it because when I saw the picture of all the Disney characters and her writer's comment underneath, it got me thinking about my childhood and how it would have been so much different if all those movies and characters weren't a part of it! I've always loved Disney movies, still to this day. It's great to see that others do as well. Many children these days watch really different things, that definitely don't live up to the classics we grew up with!

 Comment #2:
My second comment, I posted on Sam's blog. With all this talk about future plans and goals, seeing his post made me smile a little. It was hopeful, knowing that at least someone knows what they want to do, and the direction they want to go once we're done here. It's not always that simple figuring these things out - especially with so much pressure.

 Comment #3:
The third comment I posted was on Jordan's blog, about one of her Six Word Memoirs. It said, "I'll grow old and be strong," which I found interesting, because I think that's what we all want. I know it's what I'd like to achieve anyway. It was another post that lifted my spirits a little, knowing how much some people appreciate their family, and look up to them. It got me thinking, about how we all need something we aspire to be.

Question #3:

After posting a few comments on other's blogs, it's not that I found the process to be difficult, I just didn't really know how to start a discussion. To me, a good comment shares your opinion of some form of insight on the topic of the post. Whether it's agreement or another view. A bad comment, in the other hand, would be one that is either all praise, or all negative. Neither of those will result in a discussion. I also once read, "too much agreement kills a conversation," which is so true. It doesn't leave much else to say. What I find cool about leaving comment on others' posts - and receiving comments - is the whole idea of seeing another person's view on the same topic. It could generate ideas, or get us thinking. It's also nice sometimes just knowing what others have to say, rather than being stuck on your own thoughts. Comments are great feedback.

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