Monday, 1 October 2012

writing reflection #4

                At first, I found Six Word Memoirs to be slightly challenging. I didn’t really know where to start, in order to tell a story in only six words. However, once I got going and had a few down on paper, everything just started to flow and it became so much easier.
I learned that for this microform of writing, you really need to be precise as a writer and choose your words clearly. Also the visual aspect though, has such a great impact on what message actually gets across to the audience. As I was looking through old photos trying to find one that fit a particular memoir, I came across one that I really wanted to use. It just didn’t fit that story too well, so I changed it a little.
Nothing really surprised me about the project. What I found to be my favourite part though, was combining the words with the visual. Finding the right visual to fit was pretty fun, because again, it’s just so important for them to match. I liked the idea of reading between the lines, having the audience fill in the blank and decide what your memoir is actually about. Although its relevance actually needs to be clear enough to understand at the same time.
Personally, I learned how much easier honestly can be through writing, compared to speech. Self reflection is so much easier. It almost surprised me what I could learn about myself through my own writing and thoughts, once they’re physically on paper.


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  2. hey jamie! I couldn't agree more with the first part of this reflection. i found that getting started was probably the hardest part of this assignment.
    did you find that finding the right pictures to attach to your text was easy or more difficult?
    Also I read some of your six word memoirs and i found that they were really well written. I really liked the one that said "An ordinary family, of extraordinary people. I liked this one because I can relate to it, I feel like this about my family.