Monday, 19 November 2012

writing reflection #9 / twitter fiction check-in

                It’s hard to say how close to “done” that my Twitter Fiction story is. I started off with a few one tweet stories, thinking that would be much easier. Only, I ran out of idea quicker than I was expecting, and found it much harder selecting words that could really get a message across in a short 140 characters. Which is why I began writing an extended story instead. However, with an extended story, I’m not too sure how to get my message across or how to complete the story within approximately 30 tweets. Honestly, Twitter Fiction is just not for me. I find both extremes are difficult.
                On another note, I feel as though I’ve included most of the criteria on our Twitter Fiction To Do List. Dialogue seemed to be the easiest, whereas imagery I’m finding a little more difficult. I also chose to write my story in first person narration, which makes it easier to get feelings across to the reader. I personally feel that we can be much more accurate in describing what we see, feel, hear, smell or taste, compared to someone else trying to interpret our take on those same things. Also, I’m realizing that I should probably start thinking about images I’d like to attach to my tweets to further the visuals in the story. Overall, my Twitter Fiction is beginning to come along nicely. However, there is still quite a bit of development and editing to finish.
                Once everything is complete and our tweets are organized in complete stories, I’m curious as to how we will be posting our work. On our blogs? On Twitter? If we actually are posting them as tweets, in what order? They would have to be backwards in order to make any sense – starting with the last tweet in our stories, making our way to the very beginning. They’ll also be interesting to read.

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