Thursday, 29 November 2012

twitter fiction

Here is a list of my Very Short Stories that I've been posting on Twitter this week for the Twitter Fiction Festival!

  • Emotions ran deep as the ocean. Only two possible things can happen: sink or swim.
  • “The first snowfall is always the prettiest,” he told her. “Until it gets mixed with dirt and turns to slush.”
  • “Bundle up, its cold outside.” She smiled, nodded, knowing that would never help her cold heart.
  • She was shy. Afraid of something new. Different. “You’ll never be great without taking chances,” she told herself.
  • “Hi there,” she greeted. “Hello,” the older couple smiled back. “Have a nice day.” They had no clue. That hurt her.
  • I crawled. I walked. I ran. I jumped. I flew. I fell. You caught me.
  • It was bright, blinding almost. Yellow, orange, pink and red. The sunrise appeared so gentle, yet deceivingly burned so hot. 
  • His voice is gentle, soothing. My own personal lullaby. It’s the first and last sound I wish I could hear every day.
  • A smooth sphere covered in subtle bumps made for grip, which I know oh so well. The feel of a basketball is one I could never forget.  
  • The smell of fresh air. The smell of a basketball gym. The smell of home. The smell of him.  There isn’t a feeling I love more.
  • We were in the middle of nowhere. The water began to taste like rust, reminding me of blood. I then realized, it’s hopeless.
  • She gazed at the city through the window of her small one bedroom apartment, wondering, is this is?
  • We all have a choice. To let our past make us better, or bitter. He chose neither.
  • She got tired of the tears. Tired of the heartache. The day she’d had enough, he finally began to notice. To care.
  • All she ever wanted was to do good by her own means. Karma, she believed, would take care of the rest.
  • “Don’t worry about what you can’t control. Instead, focus on what you can.” She couldn’t tell the difference. That worried her.
  • The sadness in his eyes showed somewhere he’s been that would never allow him to see the world the same.
  • Her biggest problem was how cold her water tasted after chewing mint gum. He hasn’t had a single thing to eat all day.
  • “What are dreams?” “Dreams are anything you want them to be. Places you’d like to go. People you wish to see.”
  • As he aligned his feet, bent his knees and set his arms, thoughts of doubt flooded his mind. With a flick of the wrist – he missed.
  • He was the last man on earth. He heard a knock on his door.
  • She gave him her heart. He gave her his heart. He took it back. She was left empty and cold, with nothing to keep her going.
  • I walked the long smooth road, to be sure no unexpected bumps or cracks could set me off course.  I regret it.
  • He kissed her forehead, turned, walked away. Never look back, he told himself. There’s so much more for me. But he was not convinced.
  • “Why do bad things keep happening to me?” “To prove that you’re worthy of all the good you cannot see,” a voice he didn't recognize.
  • He gazed upon the same ocean, the same way they always had. It really was a completely different world without her by his side. 
  • She awoke smiling, happier than ever. Her soldier was coming home. Lonely was another night, crying herself to sleep.
  • The beautiful sunrise gave her a glimpse of hope. Until she remembered what day it was. No other pleasant thought crossed her mind.
  • She sat innocently, alone in the corner of a local coffee shop, wondering if anyone knew what she had done.
  • “Having money isn't everything. Not having it is,” the man said to himself, finally comprehending the importance associated with it.

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