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my TBL project

Author’s Note:

We may not all take time to sit down and write a Bucket List, but everyone has dreams and ambitions they’d like to go after in their lifetime, that cross their mind on a daily basis. So, when Ms. McLauchlan introduced the Buried Life Project, revolving around the idea of four average guys who set out to accomplish items on their list, I was pretty excited. We have our whole lives ahead of us, meaning the possibilities are endless.
As I began brainstorming items I’d like to add to my list, I noticed that several revolved around the idea of traveling, and seeing the world. I mean, who doesn’t want to travel the globe? Let’s be real here. With that though, I learned more about myself as an individual. It’s not so much things I want to see in other countries or continents, but things I’d like to experience – particularly with people from those places. I’m constantly becoming more and more interested in other cultures and customs, always looking forward to learning about their ways of life. That is why I added: Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, celebrate Diwali in India, attend the Pingxi Lantern Festival in Taiwan and simply ride an elephant in Africa.
Beyond that theme, I also have simple items on my list that may be easier to cross off. Like paying for someone’s groceries, cutting my hair for cancer, coaching a basketball team to a championship, and skinny dipping in the ocean! The items I added to my list on a daily basis almost depended on the mood I was in, whether I was thinking of things solely for myself or for the well-being of others.
Anyway, once that was all wrapped up, I seemed to be lacking creativity and decided to format my twenty-five selected items into a slideshow. That way, the pictures can do all the talking. Although it was still quite time consuming. The majority of my visual representations are photos I took, and felt that they fit the item. Then, I added a touch of word art stating which item from my list the photo represents. I chose a presentation format that is very straight forward and clear, yet still entertaining (I hope)!

Bucket List:

1.                   Play ball with Obama
2.                   Skydive
3.                   Climb a very large mountain
4.                   Skinny dip in the ocean
5.                   Learn to play piano
6.                   Live in Africa for awhile
7.                   Get up and go
8.                   See Kanye West perform live
9.                   Meet Will Smith
10.               Run a marathon
11.               Travel to every continent
12.               Ride an elephant
13.               Adopt a child
14.               Build a tree house, fully furnished
15.               Learn another language
16.               Watch the ball drop at Times Square
17.               Go to Coachella
18.               Backpack around Europe
19.               Make a big donation to charity
20.               Coach a basketball team (to a championship)
21.               Learn sign language
22.               Set a world record
23.               Sponsor a child
24.               Send my parents on a vacation
25.               Go on a safari
26.               Volunteer in an undeveloped country
27.               Pretend like I live in IKEA
28.               Publish a book
29.               Pay off my parents’ mortgage
30.               Get locked inside a store for a night
31.                Plant a tree
32.                Drink straight from a coconut
33.               Road trip from coast to coast
34.               Cut my hair for cancer
35.               High five all of the Winnipeg Jets
36.               See Pay it Forward
37.               Graduate from university
38.               Go Christmas caroling
39.               Volunteer on Christmas Eve
40.               Surf in Hawaii
41.               Learn how to surf
42.               Read Pay it Forward
43.               Use a Ouija board
44.               See the NCAA Final Four
45.               Go to Tavarua (heart shaped island in Fiji)
46.               Become left-handed
47.               See the pyramids in Egypt
48.               Kiss a stranger
49.               Pay for someone's groceries
50.               Dine & dash
51.               Meet Mickey Mouse
52.               Take an art class
53.               Be in India during Diwali 
54.               Be reunited with the boy I love
55.               Open up a bakery/cafe with my best friend
56.               Get my own place - a cute, cozy place
57.               Messy Twister
58.               Get matching tattoos (maybe only temporary)
59.               Stay overnight in a haunted house
60.               Learn to crack eggs with one hand
61.               Go to a church service, simply because I want to
62.               Make a notable, long lasting change
63.               Celebrate at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 
64.               La Tomatina in Spain
65.               Pingxi Lantern Festival in Taiwan
66.               Panafest in Ghana
67.               Have a legitimate beach party
68.               Watch a movie at a drive-in

Now what?

                As I was trying to plan out how I’d find myself living in Africa for awhile, I noticed a way that I can also cross off three or even four more items from my list, at the same time! While in Africa, I can ride an elephant, go on a safari, hopefully volunteer in an underdeveloped country, and I will be one step closer to traveling the 7 continents! Not too shabby, I’d say.
 First though, how do I get to Africa? Like many things in life, it’s not opportunity that’s lacking, nor ambition. Rather, it’s the money that keeps us from getting places, from doing things. That’s the problem – money. So, I would evidently have to save up a lot in order to get there. Plus, if I’d like to stay there for awhile, I’ll need a way to maintain that income; meaning, a job of some sort while I’m in Africa.                Otherwise, my money may run out, leaving me stuck. Also, a place to stay is preferred – which is why I would bring along my good friend Cecely, who has previously spent a month and a half in a few African countries. She would be much more familiar with the surroundings and the culture, something that could be difficult to learn and familiarize myself with on my own. It’d be difficult for anyone, really. On the flip side, there are also some parts of Africa that may not be the safest, so having someone with me would be comforting in that sense as well.
Realistically, there are so many details involved with temporarily moving to another continent, like getting a visa, etc. Looking at the bigger picture though, this is totally doable. Then once I’m all settled in, in my new home, I will get into volunteering and accomplishing the more fun side of things. 

Link to my video!

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