Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bucket List

  1. Play ball with Obama
  2. Skydive
  3. Climb a very large mountain
  4. Skinny dip in the ocean
  5. Learn to play piano
  6. Live in Africa for awhile
  7. Get up and go
  8. See Kanye West perform live
  9. Meet Will Smith
  10. Run a marathon
  11. Travel to every continent
  12. Ride an elephant
  13. Adopt a child
  14. Build a tree house, fully furnished
  15. Learn another language
  16. Watch the ball drop at Times Square
  17. Go to Coachella
  18. Backpack around Europe
  19. Make a big donation to charity
  20. Coach a basketball team (to a championship)
  21. Learn sign language
  22. Set a world record
  23. Sponsor a child
  24. Send my parents on a vacation
  25. Go on a safari
  26. Volunteer in an undeveloped country
  27. Pretend like I live in IKEA
  28. Publish a book
  29. Pay off my parents’ mortgage
  30. Get locked inside a store for a night
  31.  Plant a tree
  32.  Drink straight from a coconut
  33. Roadtrip from coast to coast
  34. Cut my hair for cancer
  35. High five all of the Winnipeg Jets
  36. See Pay it Forward
  37. Graduate from university
  38. Go Christmas caroling
  39. Volunteer on Christmas Eve
  40. Surf in Hawaii
  41. Learn how to surf
  42. Read Pay it Forward
  43. Use a ouija board
  44. See the NCAA Final Four
  45. Go to Tavarua (heart shaped island in Fiji)
  46. Become left-handed
  47. See the pyramids in Egypt
  48. Kiss a stranger
  49. Pay for someone's groceries
  50. Dine & dash
  51. Meet Mickey Mouse
  52. Take an art class
  53. Be in India during Diwali 
  54. Be reunited with the boy I love
  55. Open up a bakery/cafe with my best friend
  56. Get my own place - a cute, cozy place
  57. Messy Twister
  58. Get matching tattoos (maybe only temporary)
  59. Stay overnight in a haunted house
  60. Learn to crack eggs with one hand
  61. Go to a church service, simply because I want to
  62. Make a notable, long lasting change
  63. Celebrate at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 
  64. La Tomatina in Spain
  65. Pingxi Lantern Festival in Taiwan
  66. Panafest in Ghana

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